100 jobs

The witch said I need 100 male orgasms by the end of the month in order to seal the spell and stay inside Kate’s body forever. Each cum load is getting to be more delicious than the last.

Taste reset

Sam had been cursed by a street witch after mocking her unattractive looks towards his friend, Ben. Sam was now sealed inside his body in a female form, letting a new-formed person, born from his inner whore in control of his body, while he only sees trough her eyes. His friend, Ben was responsible for …

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Libido magic

My girlfriend was a witch. After some months together, seeing she is a little kinky, started joking about the idea of a threesome. It grew to a daily joke of insisting she charm a girl so we could have some 3 way fun. One night, out clubbing, I started making moves on a girl hinting …

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