Clear shot

“The shock on your face when I got a clear shot into your mouth…”, Matt said to his roommate, who was not stuck in his female form, thanks accidentally swallowing cum. They would need to find a reversal spell.

Joke’s on him

Jacob started a habit of possessing his exgirlfriend. It all started with a longing for her, shortly after they broke up. He used a one hour possession spell. The second time he caught her texting her new boyfriend. Heading down a spiral, he continued to possess her, in order to find out more, until he …

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Unbalanced essence

Dylan had studied the spell: get cum inside your vagina to channel the essence from the fucked to the fucker, get one shot of cum in mouth to reverse the spell completely. Dylan started the spell by jerking of, getting his penis sucked in, forming a slim vagina. He had convinced his friend, Aaron to …

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100 jobs

The witch said I need 100 male orgasms by the end of the month in order to seal the spell and stay inside Kate’s body forever. Each cum load is getting to be more delicious than the last.

Spell bounce – part 2

Read Spell bounce – part 1 Owen had 3 hours to go, being stuck in a girls body, slave to his flatmates commands. His mate on the other hand had been exhausted from his abuse of her body. He invited his catalogues over and commanded her to please them as they will.