Last words

“Ok, but I am not touching you or anything of your body” was the last thing he said before putting on the collar. After two roommates discovered the Bitch Collar, their research led them to information about it’s power. The wearer would become a libido induced slave. And if he were a man, the wearer …

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Gender necklace

Don had perfected his gender swapping necklace just last month. The material would cause the skin to react, creating DNA altering cells in the body. I assisted him from time to time, when he needed an extra set of hands. We were both single, but on Valentines, we decided to test his creation into the …

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Spell bounce – part 2

Read Spell bounce – part 1 Owen had 3 hours to go, being stuck in a girls body, slave to his flatmates commands. His mate on the other hand had been exhausted from his abuse of her body. He invited his catalogues over and commanded her to please them as they will.

Empress’s follower

Continued from Empress’s link Later, after your body was used for an ancient empress to return to life and your consciousness remain in the same mind with her, you were feeling lucky to be on this side. She had plans to enslave followers. You bare witness, enjoying the sexual pleasure she emanated inside and out. …

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