Spell bounce – part 2

Read Spell bounce – part 1 Owen had 3 hours to go, being stuck in a girls body, slave to his flatmates commands. His mate on the other hand had been exhausted from his abuse of her body. He invited his catalogues over and commanded her to please them as they will.

Standing down

Billy was exhausted. He found the courage to stand up to his bully. He walked up to him and ripped his adult magazine, that he was showing to his friends, in an attempt to challenge his dominance. It was the last time he would try something without thinking it over and considering consequences. He dragged …

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Joy drips

Your dealer gave you the serum, pretending it will increase your stamina. Earlier, you jumped in his car, asked for the material and promised you’d pay him later. Apparently he doesn’t deal good with that shit, so he gave you the stuff that he uses to teach people like you not to waste his tame …

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