Female experience

Daniel wanted to try the new sex change serum that was getting talked about everywhere. It was a collection of shots that would open your genes to female alteration. He wanted to experience life as a woman. The effects would be around 2 to 3 days. Daniel got a few days off for his project …

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Final taste

There was a new pill running around the black market. Wanted men would use it to get across unnoticed. The pill changed their hormones and morphed their bodies into female, for 24 hours. Jimmy managed to get a hold of a defective one. Typically, the pill would create a backup DNA data inside the body …

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Last effect

Continued from Triple effect What face time? I gave you head time a while ago. Turn off that phone and give me what’s left of that bottle. It’s making me feel great and I think it’s helping my body, too.

Cum trigger

Josh used to attend morph parties, where people would go and had their bodies morphed into the opposite sex and engage in sexual activities. He always picked other women there, because he was homophobic regarding other men’s nakedness. Once, an employee helped him get over this impediment, by altering his morphing hormones. All Josh had …

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Triple effect

Story continued from Double effect Hi again! I think this elixir has another effect. I mean, the last time I took a sip I must have blacked out or something. Some guy sent me this video of me, from this morning, I don’t remember anything. It’s ok to keep drinking this thing right? Anyway, it …

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Reversal joy

Continued from Self joy You took the serum that once turned you into a crazed orgasm-driven female version of your self to a underground chemist in order to alter it. The idea was to block or at least dim to a minimum the libido increase that it caused, because you found it intriguing to explore …

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