Bra time

Continued from While in a form of Andrew’s sister, his two friends were still hoping to find something belonging to his mom, from the laundry. One of them got a text and had to run, the spell was about to run out soon and they would both cease to be a copy of Andrew’s sister. …

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Laundry time

“Come on guys”, Andrew said to his friends, “my mom washed all her clothes yesterday. Those are all my sister’s”. His friends came buy, to play with their new toy. A crystal that would transform them into a copy of the person from a piece of clothing. The only thing is that washed clothes were …

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Last words

“Ok, but I am not touching you or anything of your body” was the last thing he said before putting on the collar. After two roommates discovered the Bitch Collar, their research led them to information about it’s power. The wearer would become a libido induced slave. And if he were a man, the wearer …

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