All wet

Continued from Alteration Pond While wet, Dean would transform into a woman until dry. After the transformation, she was disoriented and naive. A shower usually went on auto pilot. She would wash herself kind of zoned out and by the end, Dean would be aware, get out and shortly, change back, once all dry. Harry …

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Give it

“Give it!”, she yelled as he tried not to cum inside her pussy. “Dana, please… I told Dan that I wouldn’t feed you anymore”, he replied. Dan would use a spell in order to become Dana, once in a while. They had a deal, she enjoyed exposing herself on Onlyfans in order to make money. …

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Too close

Matt and Jim were in high school. They found a book in Jim’s grandfather’s old house and quickly realized it was a magic book. They went trough it and played with levitation, walking on water and other paranormal activities. But when they reached a page that illustrated body possession, They wondered if they could team …

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