Stuck in bed

Peter acquired everting he needed for his spell. The plan was to possess the body of his neighbour, go to this shady motel, tie herself up and leave her body with an induced state of obedience for him later on. After all said and done, tied to the bed, he found that too much time …

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Snapping out

Jim knew his roommate was no good. One day he used Jim’s life form for creating his personal sex slave. With his altered body and his mind gone, Jim was begining snapping out of a blackout state, as his roommate was finishing up.

Character repatch

Continued from Character patch This website gave you the option to feel how games character fell in the skin, but you already tried your demo. You topped up your digital wallet, found your favourite character and went right ahead in playing as her, only not in the game.

Youth cum

Maximus was an middle aged man for a while now. He’d acquired the secret to not ageing somehow. Once in a full moon, his body would transform into a female form. Those nights he’d go out, hooking up, in scope of getting semen on his skin. That would rejuvenate him. The next day, he’d feel …

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Character patch

You joined this discussion forum regarding exaggerated female characters in games. There was an demo option to try it for yourself, to know the unnaturally of the character. You signed in and with a flash of the monitor, for 30 seconds you had the body of the discussed character. Continued in Character repatch

Joy drips

Your dealer gave you the serum, pretending it will increase your stamina. Earlier, you jumped in his car, asked for the material and promised you’d pay him later. Apparently he doesn’t deal good with that shit, so he gave you the stuff that he uses to teach people like you not to waste his tame …

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