Reversal joy

Continued from Self joy You took the serum that once turned you into a crazed orgasm-driven female version of your self to a underground chemist in order to alter it. The idea was to block or at least dim to a minimum the libido increase that it caused, because you found it intriguing to explore …

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Self joy

Continued from Joy drips You were working in some illegal substance domain. Your boss had a clear no consummation rule for his employees. One day you manage to snatch a tiny bottle with some serum that he wasn’t actually selling. On your way home, you went trough the park, up the hills, towards the forest, …

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Joy drips

Your dealer gave you the serum, pretending it will increase your stamina. Earlier, you jumped in his car, asked for the material and promised you’d pay him later. Apparently he doesn’t deal good with that shit, so he gave you the stuff that he uses to teach people like you not to waste his tame …

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