Cum transfer

Mike was a late 20s paralysed millionaire. He gain his wealth with a scientific discovery which he had time to do given his loss of mobility. His close friend, who was his hands through the years had put his back-door plan into motion. His genius drove them into a small part of a huge neural-science …

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Youth cum

Maximus was an middle aged man for a while now. He’d acquired the secret to not ageing somehow. Once in a full moon, his body would transform into a female form. Those nights he’d go out, hooking up, in scope of getting semen on his skin. That would rejuvenate him. The next day, he’d feel …

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Virgin trap

Peter was a desperate virgin. At the end of his sexual frustration he gathered up what little money he could and got himself a hooker. He paid her everything to get the full feeling of shooting his load inside a vagina. Upon reaching climax he looked down and instead of exploding his cum, his perspective …

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