Into orgies

Yes, I was into orgies. But not how you think. It started out as curiosity. Now I’m good just keeping my body clean, standing aside… sort of. You see, I have this magic bracelet that I use. I get into a venue, set a timer and sit myself on a couch. People love this, since …

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Too close

Matt and Jim were in high school. They found a book in Jim’s grandfather’s old house and quickly realized it was a magic book. They went trough it and played with levitation, walking on water and other paranormal activities. But when they reached a page that illustrated body possession, They wondered if they could team …

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Shut inside

Derek got on last look at this gorgeous but, from this angle. He laced his cum with a special substance that drains his essence. He was about to cum, emptying his body and entering his new host. “I’m gonna enjoy this”, was the last words that came out of his male mouth.

Sending nudes

Bill enjoyed the last month, since his new neighbors moved in, a couple of collage girls. Every once in a while, he’d use his close proximity body hopping abilities to posses one of her and send himself a photo or a video. All he had to to is make sure he deleted it from memory …

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Let it happen

Ben had been convinced by his friend to try out hypnosis. “It’s not just hypnosis. It travels your spirit out of your material body” his friend said. Ben laid back on his couch, listening to his friend’s suggestions. “Relax your body… don’t think of anything and anybody”. That caused Ben to involuntarily think of lots …

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