Final taste

There was a new pill running around the black market. Wanted men would use it to get across unnoticed. The pill changed their hormones and morphed their bodies into female, for 24 hours. Jimmy managed to get a hold of a defective one.

Typically, the pill would create a backup DNA data inside the body and create a new DNA form for the female resultant. However, a cheap, defective one was all that Jimmy could afford. He read the note his dealer gave him with the pill. The downside was that it would also create a backup of the original consciousness and create a new consciousness for the female resultant. A workaround was to get some come in the body. This would cause a reset of the original pattern and restore the male consciousness in control.

Jimmy had a plan for this. He masturbated and came on a plastic foil, which he cupped into a small bag. He got on his back, took the pill and immediately put the bag into his mouth, so when his new personality kicks in, she would unwillingly spill the cum in her mouth and he would be back and in control of her new body.

When the pill kicked in, Jimmy started twitching. He couldn’t control his muscles and started to feel pressure on his breathing. He tried to keep it together, but suddenly felt his entire body contract and caused his to blow the bag out of his mouth, under his desk. He turned on one side and saw in the mirror how his body was morphing. Hair got longer, face got slimmer. Hips were already wider. His bones were plastically remodeling inside his body. He grabbed his wide hips and moved his hands up his small waist. While his hands were getting slimmer, he reached his chest, which started to swell up right has he gripped them. As his body was slowing down, he looked himself in the mirror just before suddenly falling into a deep faint-like feeling.

A moment later for him, the next thing he saw was a closeup of another man and getting the final taste of his female consciousness.

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