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Hello everyone!

I wanted to give you a little insight into TG Awe, respectively it’s author, Alice.

I started this blog as an alternative way of consuming porn. I struggle with porn addiction and so, I constructed another way to use my hands with it. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but just month of limiting porn videos to short gifs and just writing on them, wrapping it all into this little project, already made my life feel better.

The gap in stories from the last month was me relapsing.

Now I’m back! And I’m analyzing the life of this website.

In case you missed it, I usually write 3 short stories a week and a “long” story once a week. The “long” referring to more visuals (gifs). You may have noticed that the “long” stories are now password protected.

In hopes of getting a little support from the community (that’s you), I would like to keep this website running with your financial aid. The ads are just not cutting it!

I started a page on Patreon. It’s camouflaged: It has no signs of “porn” (until you sign up). You can probably brush it of as something of gaming/sports, in case you need to explain yourself but you don’t want to expose your guilty pleasures.

If the support is high enough, I’ll trim down the price, since it’s only necessary for maintaining the website running.

If by any chance you want to express your love for the website, there is a higher tier, FYI.

P.S. Feel free to write for any problems, ideas, wishes or just to say hi.

– signed Alice

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