Too close

Matt and Jim were in high school. They found a book in Jim’s grandfather’s old house and quickly realized it was a magic book. They went trough it and played with levitation, walking on water and other paranormal activities. But when they reached a page that illustrated body possession, They wondered if they could team up.

The two aimed their plan at a neighboring house, where a young married couple were living. You could tell they were fit and taking care of themselves and sometimes, late, they could hear them moaning pleasure for hours.

They had a clear plan. Matt would possess the husband and Jim would possess the wife. They placed themselves where they had a view of the bedroom window. When the young couple got home and went to their bedroom to change, the two boys started the spell and both shot into the the couple, that were kissing each other after a long day’s work.

It wasn’t clear to the boys if the timing was too close or if their targets were too close, but their spirits didn’t just merge with their respected targets, but their targets merged as well. It also wasn’t clear if it was the spell, their perverse minds or the couple’s libido, but this merged body was very aroused. Matt wondered the bedroom with a cock that could pierce the wall if Jim wouldn’t be so careful in to garbing the bed and pulling them down.

Matt’s legs were gripping his cock, while Jim bent over, with the young woman’s gorgeous tits touching his cock. Matt’s cock reached her chest and started throbbing, all while pleasuring Jim in the woman’s upper body.

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