Let it happen

Ben had been convinced by his friend to try out hypnosis. “It’s not just hypnosis. It travels your spirit out of your material body” his friend said.

Ben laid back on his couch, listening to his friend’s suggestions. “Relax your body… don’t think of anything and anybody”. That caused Ben to involuntarily think of lots of people. His mind went of to his colleagues. He was going along with it, but the way his friend formulated the state of hypnosis, caused Ben’a mind to slightly picture people and places. “Don’t fight it… let it happen”. This made Ben to think about rape, about not fighting it and letting it happen.

He didn’t realise it, but his body was already asleep and no longer connected to him. That’s when the spirit realm shot him to the closest thing he imagined.

Ben started to realise he was seeing someone marking it happen. He was in one of his colleagues body, while she wasn’t fighting it and being a good slut. Before Ben could figure out if he had control or was just a viewer, he already had gotten a real taste of what was happening.

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