Sister possession

Jace’s sister, Katy wouldn’t stop teasing him, as full into puberty now, he wasn’t able to get with any girl. She said he would had to use a love spell in order to get any girl. Their family frown upon using magic until the age of 18, however Jace was fed up with his sister and wanted to pull a prank on her.

While their parents were out, Katy had a friend over. That’s when Jace went into the basement with a thread of her hair and a spell book from their parents. He activated the spell with her hair in order to target her and carried on throwing his spirit into her body, putting her in the position of a passenger inside her body. His plan was to make a full of her in front of her friend. He didn’t know they were so intimate.

As the spell casting finished, Jace felt the pleasure of being penetrated and threw his sister a look in the mirror above her bed, as he was now in control of her body.

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