Joke’s on him

Jacob started a habit of possessing his exgirlfriend. It all started with a longing for her, shortly after they broke up. He used a one hour possession spell. The second time he caught her texting her new boyfriend. Heading down a spiral, he continued to possess her, in order to find out more, until he ended up in the middle of a full orgasm in her body, while having sex. Before he could realize the possible problem, he was relieved to see that her boyfriend does not empty himself inside her, as that could have wired consequences, him being a man possessing the opposite sex.

Soon he was entering her body on a daily basis, trusting him as much as she does.

Joke was on him, because his ex’s new boyfriend was a charlatan. After he gained the trust of his girlfriends he would exploit their trust, once he was bored of them. This put Jacob in a shocking position when he realized that his possession spell was now in trouble, as cum was now messing up his possession..

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