Reversal joy

Continued from Self joy

You took the serum that once turned you into a crazed orgasm-driven female version of your self to a underground chemist in order to alter it. The idea was to block or at least dim to a minimum the libido increase that it caused, because you found it intriguing to explore the female world.

He said to test it first, in a controlled environment. The effect should wear out as before, after orgasm.

You go home, close the door, drink the potion. You feel a slight pain starting from your stomach. You drop on your knees, holding gripping around your stomach with both arms. You feel yourself lighten, as your body slightly starts to shrink. You lift your head and look in the mirror in the room: you see your face reshaping. You get close to the mirror on all fours as you amaze at your growing hair. Without noticing, the pain in your body stopped and you get up. Checking yourself, looking down and in the mirror, the transformation is finishing with your breasts slowly growing. As your breasts stop growing, you realize that the transformation has ended and it’s you. Your mind is clear.

You put on some general clothes and go out shopping. You return home and get yourself prepared to experience your female life. You go out, managing heels, admiring yourself in reflections, enjoying the look of people around you.

You get in a bar, but before you could order, someone offers to order you a drink. You go with it. Your small body soon needs a trip to the bathroom. The man follows you and takes advantage of the lack of people, kissing you directly, with passion. You slightly hesitate, but the man is a pervert. He rubs you between your legs, giving you a new sensation, that puts you on hold. He then puts his hand inside his pants, getting precum on his fingers and quickly reaches them into your mouth. A side effect of the serum kicks in – you’re hooked. You’re still sane, but have a powerful urge to get with him.

You both get to his place and you quickly get your hands on his cock. You find it hypnotizing and against your thought of retention, you start a deep blowjob, that only activates you even more. You get in front of him and start giving him the best blowjob he can imagine. This causes him to soon cum. Your thirst increases with his continuous flow of precum. His cock stiffens and shoots out a powerful load of cum. In that moment you get into a cum-crazed thirst of desperation and your sane mind goes blank.

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