Gender necklace

Don had perfected his gender swapping necklace just last month. The material would cause the skin to react, creating DNA altering cells in the body. I assisted him from time to time, when he needed an extra set of hands.

We were both single, but on Valentines, we decided to test his creation into the real world, taking advantage of a 1+1 free meal in a restaurant.

I put on the necklace and in an hours time, my body slightly morphed into a woman. Don said this is how I would have looked if I was born a girl.

As we enjoyed a night out, he noticed my behavior change. He said that the necklace is probably continually searching for male cells. So his proximity is affecting my sexual form, reaching my behavioral hormones. I reached to take it of, but he said “Don’t!”. I felt listening to him was better and that fell odd, cause deep inside, it was scary.

By the end of the night, the effects were sinked in. Reaching his place, he invited my in, in order to further test the effects, he said.

I didn’t want to do any of it, but I didn’t want to disobey him, even more.

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