Unbalanced essence

Dylan had studied the spell: get cum inside your vagina to channel the essence from the fucked to the fucker, get one shot of cum in mouth to reverse the spell completely.

Dylan started the spell by jerking of, getting his penis sucked in, forming a slim vagina.

He had convinced his friend, Aaron to help him in this adventure.

After 3 hours, Aaron had sucked all the manhood out of Dylan, managing to hold a continuous erection and still cumming from time to time. He called Dylan, Little Diana, as she was so sensible, but getting a large amount of pleasure from Aaron’s awesome dick.

Dylan was scared of staying as Diana if Aaron did not agree to end this adventure as they planned. But the feeling of being so overpowered by a great alpha male, while she was so powerless, continued to excite her and made her fill attracted to him.

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