Spell bounce – part 1

Owen knew not to mess with magic on other people. But he was so frustrated with his flatmate. He conjured a spell to make him his female sex slave for 24 hours. His mate wasn’t very powerfull, but he did know how to properly tur

Owen jumot put of jos room, shouted the spell and one moment after he casted it, he saw it bounce back. From a puff and a bright light a tall brunette emerged. Being a slave, he answered all of the questioned asked.

His mate saw it only fit to return his dubious plan agains him. He asked if he had anything girly to wear. Owen elegantly went to his room and put on his girlfriends panties, that she had left behind.

Owen’s unwillingness was visible through his eyes, but this hot body that he was carrying had no problem accepting all requests.

Continued in Spell bounce – part 2

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