Addicted for you

Axel wanted to help his girlfriend with her self doubt about her boob size. He found a spell that would increase her breast by using pussy juice as growth. He didn’t want her to deal with it, plus she wasn’t a lesbian at all, so he could get in her body and do it. But with a male mind, the spell required sperm for growth.

After working it together, Axel memorized the exit spell and cast the joined spell, which obliterated his body and sucked him into his girlfriend. He felt her mind going to sleep, as he was now in control.

He went out, to hook up and see how much one load of cum would increase.

The pleasure of getting someone’s cum on her body and feeling her tits grow slightly made Axel addicted to this setup.

After 3 weeks, Axel was still enjoying pleasuring strangers and getting his kicks.

2 thoughts on “Addicted for you”

  1. Hello!
    Perhaps my message is too specific.
    But my older sister found a wonderful man here and they have a great relationship, but what about me?
    I am 27 years old, Margarita, from the Czech Republic, know English language also
    And… better to say it immediatley. I am bisexual. I am not jealous of other woman… especially if we make love together.
    Ah yes, I cook very tasty! and I love not only cook ;))
    Im a real girl and looking for serious and hot relationship…
    Anyway, you can find my proflie here:

    1. Your sister found a man HERE? How? Do you know what THIS is?
      Did she find someone in the comments? Or did she track down someone from a gif?

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