Reproductive demon

David started a spell in order to get laid. He didn’t want to hurt anybody, so he summoned a spirit to act as his sex partner. Unfortunately, the one he summoned needed a body and took his.

The spirit was actually a demon that immediately entered his body and paralyzed him on the floor. His skin was sucked in, all his bones were visible. He struggled on the floor, as he heard and felt his bones crack and move from his legs, through his upper body and hands, all the way trough his face. Then his body started to swell like a balloon. He couldn’t move his hands from the pressure and his bones weren’t even touching the floor anymore. Blood started to circulate alarmingly fast trough his body. He felt even his bones pumping.

Finally, he felt a wave of relaxation, as his body was relaxing and a sense of deflation came upon him. He felt himself lowering on the ground, as his body returned to what he though was normal, but continuing to sink in, like in a pool of water, with his eyes being the top of the water and the view to the exterior.

His body wasn’t back to normal, it actually metamorphosed into a female version and was now just a distant viewer of what his body was doing, controlled by the demon. He summed a breeding demon.

As his body got up, in front of the mirror, he saw his body’s new form. Even his clothes were feminine. The demon took a piece of material and magically put it on as a new dress, before going out to attract male prey.

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