Cum transfer

Mike was a late 20s paralysed millionaire. He gain his wealth with a scientific discovery which he had time to do given his loss of mobility. His close friend, who was his hands through the years had put his back-door plan into motion. His genius drove them into a small part of a huge neural-science company and now had gathered all the necessaries for their plan.

His friend found a woman, since this was the only way they saw fit to do this, who accepted a large amount of money for sexual intercourse. He applied a spray on his penis that would dissolve the condom in about 30 seconds and shot him with the active serum. All Mike had to do was keep it in until she had an orgasm.

He put Mike’s chair to the edge on the bed. Rebecca, the lady in play, got his penis out, laid on the bed and began to work him. Mike struggled mostly closing his eyes, trying to keep it together.

He soon heard Rebecca moaning more powerful. He had to time his preorgasm with her orgasm so that the serum in his body would release and her juices would assure the transfer.

Sure enough, the next time Mike opened his eyes, he felt his body relaxing from the orgasm in Rebecca’s body, trying to lift higher in the bed, as the cum from his old penis would transfer him back.

Mike’s paralysis was now so severe that Rebecca wasn’t able to talk. All she saw was Mike’s penis sproging on her old pussy.

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