Taste reset

Sam had been cursed by a street witch after mocking her unattractive looks towards his friend, Ben. Sam was now sealed inside his body in a female form, letting a new-formed person, born from his inner whore in control of his body, while he only sees trough her eyes. His friend, Ben was responsible for keeping his attractive looks away from men’s cum so that he would return to normal and escape this curse. If Sam, now Samantha doesn’t get cum for 24 hours the curse is broken.

Samantha was cute, friendly, yet seemed perverted. After they got home to their shared flat, Ben gave in and thought another 24 hours wouldn’t make Sam that mad.

In the next mornings Sam could feel close to getting to normal and getting control, but just before Samantha woke up, he felt slipping back to a locked state. Ben gave Samantha a small taste, because he wanted just a little bit more, but wouldn’t risk Sam seeing he had something to do with his delay.

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