Bad aim

Toby had put together a device that would throw his consciousness into someone he fired at with it. For a couple of minutes he would experience another persons point of view like a first person movie, except he also felt the rest of their body sensations. So far he tested it from his home window at strangers on the street. He couldn’t do it in public as his body remains lifeless for the period of the possession.

Attending sport games, he noticed the owner in the VIP section was apparently delighting himself in his wealth. Toby figured he could go to the game, zap into him and enjoy a first class porn. His body along all the supporters wouldn’t bother anyone for a while.

He increased the duration of his device, he aimed it at the lucky guy in the VIP and just as he was about to shoot, mass reaction from a miss in the game threw him off aim and made him shoot at the lady invited in the VIP lounge.

Now Toby was getting another kind of POV.

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