Self joy

Continued from Joy drips

You were working in some illegal substance domain. Your boss had a clear no consummation rule for his employees. One day you manage to snatch a tiny bottle with some serum that he wasn’t actually selling. On your way home, you went trough the park, up the hills, towards the forest, away from pathways and people. You took a hit, thinking if it heats you up or calms you down, this isolated place is ok.

Things were getting heated up, apparently. You took of your shirt and put your coat back on, feeling your chest start to burn. You fell on your knees feeling dizzy. You see your skin softening, as 2 soft breasts enlarge from your chest right before you go into a full blackout.

You wouldn’t know it, but you in a female form spent over 1 hour pleasuring yourself like crazy right there, only to awake later in your normal body, with a high scent of estrogen on your hands, from your formerly vagina.

Continued in Reversal joy

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