Stuck in bed

Peter acquired everting he needed for his spell. The plan was to possess the body of his neighbour, go to this shady motel, tie herself up and leave her body with an induced state of obedience for him later on.

After all said and done, tied to the bed, he found that too much time has passed and he was not jumping back into his body, as was supposed to happen.

Stuck in her body, Peter tried to get free from the bed. He felt his mind go numb, as was supposed to happen, but not with him inside her head.

This motel was known for all kinds of shady things, so it was not really home to decent people. Hearing all the noise and having the room door open, the guy from the reception came in and saw at his young lady served for anyone to take. He closed the door and with no resistance from her, he got his way.

Peter’s mind was spaced out. And with no opposing thoughts and the pleasure he felt from his vagina, he was in a wonderful place.

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  1. anonymous101

    I really like your content! It’s nice to see more 18+ material out there. My favorite stories involve weight gain, race change, unwanted changes or forced stuff, revenge, punishment, etc.

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