Manhood remover

Benjamin was, from a young age, quite sensible and somewhat timid. He had his shares of bullying and after high school, he found himself not quite sure of his sexuality.

Instead of going the common way of exploring his sexuality, he ordered an organic sexual vessel, named so because it would take the manhood, from a man and store it.

When the order came, he found himself with a large potato-shaped object, with a slim slit in the middle of it.

Benjamin locked the door, got undressed, on the bed put on some lipstick to get in the mood and placed the thing on his penis. It started pulsating, slowly opening and wrapping around his penis until it completely covered it. He felt like his penis was slightly being pushed inside him. By now, he had this brown organic shaped thing where his male organs used to be. Then he started feeling waves circulating from between his legs to each top of his body. He stretched his arms and legs, then crunched up as he felt like signals were pulling tiny parts from all over his male body and sending females ones in place. He grabbed his chest, as he felt it soften and started to enlarge. That’s when he noticed his feminine nails. He knew the transformation was over when he started feeling the thing between his legs foreign.

He grabbed it and started pulling. Sure enough, it came out attached to his entire masculinity, letting in it’s place a soft and moist void. Benjamin’s entire male essence was in this organic dildo, he now had a 100% feminine body.

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