What did the fox say?

Tom and his friend were wandering through the forest, on their way home, one evening. They saw birds, a squirrel and later, a fox.

His friend, in a humorous way said ‘I wish I knew what the fox said’. At that moment, the forest reacted, Tom closed his eyes as a strong wave of wind blew.

Opening his eyes, Tom saw his friend and the fox getting pulled towards each other, they stuck together and started merging. He crouched on the ground as the small fox stretched along his body. Laying on the ground, face down, he started pulling back from his clothes like a small animal in a bag. When he emerged, it was in a human form, with animal characteristics.

Tom realised that the fox was female and assumed it was in heat because he didn’t hear anything spoken aside from a soft moan, not quite human, not completely animal.

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