BeCum a woman 3

Continued from BeCum a woman 2

With all of Tomy’s cum Aleena’s body received, she was so submissive that she orgasmed on Tomy’s command. Her body had a couple of minutes until her cells settled and her body stopped transforming from getting cum.

Tomy wanted to go a step further, so he ordered her, in his perverted manner, to get and his face and squirt a huge wave so he could get all her juices. Aleena spasmed uncontrollably and exploded onto his face and into his mouth.

As Aleena’s body was still under the nanosurgery’s active cell period, her pussy juice transferred to Tommy all the transformation in the last day.

Aleena’s mind was free, but Tammy’s body was a slave to Aleena and she was going to have her revenge.

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