Complete switch

Old Cartwright bare witness to a fatal accident of hit and run. He approached the young lady as fast as he could, using his cane, dragging his right foot.

As he saw her, he realized she was a goner: staring into nothing, breathing her last minutes. It’s time – this will do, he thought to himself.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper and started reading out loud. As he finished, everything turned black and white around him. He reached down to the young one and touched her. As he did, a flash of light changed reality and young lady Cartwright pulled out her phone to call in a hit and run of an old man.

Anne Cartwright went to her home, to see how it altered with this reality. Little did she know that this young lady was an exhibitionist, and the spell kept her femininity by keeping her body’s hormones.

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