Teachers suit

Being an old school teacher, I became bored with an unexcited life. I managed to get my hand on an old model costume gun.

One late evening, after posting a set of final grades, Kiara, one of my students comes in to persuade me to change her grade. It was late, the halls were empty, so I reached into my desk, pulled the costume gun and shot at her, emptying her skin.

I put her on, slowly, enjoying the feeling, my members shrinking inside, to fit her form. Not only the shock of my new pussy forming put a smile on my face, but the bouncing ass that filled up as I gotten whole in. When I put on he mask, her mind affected mine. That was the case with these old costume guns. I felt perverted. And no wonder; judging from her memories, this girl goes arround.

I went out into the hallway, where the mirrored walls were “Time to go out and party!”

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