Magic wordrobe

Being a wealthy man, I managed to find and buy the two pieces of the magic wardrobe, the door and the wardrobe itself.

I phoned my personal assistant to help me with some problems around 6 in the evening. She had the keys to my place and I left a letter at the entrance, instructing her to get me from the back room where I have deposited the magic wordrome, in case something went wrong. I assembled it, got into it and closed the door.

I felt expansive, as I exited the darkness trough the door. Or should I say, my spirit, as the wardrobe blocked the body inside. I floated myself out of the house and headed for my assistants home. I was in spirit form, but I’m sure my body back home got a full erection, as I entered past the walls of the house, I immediately grabbed her and entered her body, gaining control. I started undressing, touching herself. Reaching her pussy, I just stoped in shock over the intense and the arousal I was experiencing. I was thinking of going over to my house and nailing the wardrobe shut.

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