Alteration pond

Harry drove Dean to the resort to fix his body. He had suffered a mild burn on his shoulder. Man, I can’t believe this pond has this magic property to fix a body, Harry said, as they strolled by the water.

It was late and they would spend the night at the resort, as by first thing in the morning Dean would have to learn to reach the state of mind to heal his body. The magic of the pond was deeply mind connected, so Dean would have to learn to concentrate his focus on the healing state, guided by a personal trainer.

As a chick approached the pond as well, Harry said to Dean You think she’ll be your mentor for tomorrow? Dean wasn’t able to satisfy his curiosity, as turning to get a glance, hi slipped and fell full-body into the water. Out emerged the materialised beauty that Dean imagined in that moment of curiosity. Hope the magic works a second time.

Continued in All wet

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