Life for a life

I was on my way home, crossing the street, when a car ran over me. I was kaying on the street, bleeding, hearing the sirens getting closer, seeing people gathering to see the incident, anouncing the police on the phone that the car left the scene. An old woman got down next to me, saying This is not fair to you, let me make it right. She put an small amullet arround my neck and said You’ll know what to do.

In the hospital, I felt everything go numb and felt my spirit leaving my body. I saw the doctors announcing my death and felt a calling towards outside. I floated a few moments over blocks and came across the car that hit me, with the chick driver next to it, assessing the damage. I collided with her body and felt her being and her memories. She felt no remorse, only thinking about fixing her car. I took possession of her body and her life. She took my life, so it seemed fair.

I found a fun way to pay the car fixing and keep everything cleared up.

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