Magic penis

Dude! What do you mean you got a magic penis? Darius was sceptical of magical nonsense. I tried it once, in the girl’s bathroom. I whipped out my cock and the girl that was in there immediately grew hungry for it. It was amazing! Free blowjob. This discussion took place as Darius was walking in on his flatmate, who seemed shy to have his cocked looked at.

You have to get over your insecurities, man, Darius said as he pulled the towel that was between his eyes and the magic cock. As soon as his eyes caught a glance off the item, he was stuck staring. Fuck! I hopped that men wouldn’t be affected by my penis…

But then, as Darius suddenly dropped on his knees, his hair fell down over his shoulders, he shrunk in size and as his mouth smiled, looking at the object his mind now obsessed over, his appearance was now fully feminine.

Holly shit! Darius, is that you?

– Come here, handsome!

This was too good to pass, as this chick did not look like Darius, although, as he was sucking his roommates penis, you could almost see it in her eyes, that in the back of her head, Darius was judging him.

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