Libido magic

My girlfriend was a witch. After some months together, seeing she is a little kinky, started joking about the idea of a threesome. It grew to a daily joke of insisting she charm a girl so we could have some 3 way fun.

One night, out clubbing, I started making moves on a girl hinting to the ideea. That’s when my girlfriend lost it and put a curse on me.

You want a third person with us? Fine! Let’s go pick him up! She blasted me with magic trough the woman’s bathroom door and transformed me into a copy of herself. Dude’s gonna dig a twin hookup, she said. Sure enough we ended up at a dude’s apartment, doing an awesome threesome, as I was filled with a great amount of feminine libido. She wanted to get the cum, so she cursed me with a permanent hook, just to be sure: You better not get any cum in you, or you won’t return back to normal tomorrow. I get his cum, she told me.

I put my head next to his cock, as he fucked my girlfriend until he came inside of her. I had such strond urges, such a thirst for his cum. When he pulled out, I saw a string of cum streching between his cock and her pussy. I pushed him asside and showed my head between her legs, feasting on her full pussy of cum, unable to contain myself.

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