Role changing

I got this corset for my girlfriend to dress up in the bedroom. Arriving home before her, I decided to put in on to see how a thing like this feels.

As soon as I managed to put it on me it immediately started to tighten. I tried to get it off quickly, but it was so tight I couldn’t unhook it. This thing was beginning to feel like it was crushing me. It was getting harder to breathe, as I felt my bones cracking somehow. I fell on the floor and fell the pain reaching throughout my body. The corset shrunk my middle body, slimed my arms and feet. I could feel myself slightly shrinking in size, hair begun covering my face as my dark hair turn blonde and started growing. My body hair was gone and as the pressure inside my body started relaxing, I was beginning to relax.

Then I felt my ass almost inflating. I got on my knees and grabbed my ass, as I felt and saw my chest growing breasts, slightly covering over my corset. I don’t know if it was the clothing or did my body just intrigued me, but as I got up on my feet I felt a tingle, a growing arousal, as I reached between my legs, feeling a wet vagina to explore.

Continued in Leash me

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