August 2022

100 jobs

The witch said I need 100 male orgasms by the end of the month in order to seal the spell and stay inside Kate’s body forever. Each cum load is getting to be more delicious than the last.

What a favour

Continued from A favour Remember a few years back, when you didn’t want to take advantage of me in this body? Now you’re begging me to posses her, so you can fuck my sister in all holes? Not that I’m complaining, I love submitting her body to this.

Spell bounce – part 2

Read Spell bounce – part 1 Owen had 3 hours to go, being stuck in a girls body, slave to his flatmates commands. His mate on the other hand had been exhausted from his abuse of her body. He invited his catalogues over and commanded her to please them as they will.

Empress’s follower

Continued from Empress’s link Later, after your body was used for an ancient empress to return to life and your consciousness remain in the same mind with her, you were feeling lucky to be on this side. She had plans to enslave followers. You bare witness, enjoying the sexual pleasure she emanated inside and out. …

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