April 2022

Possession fun

– Dude, don’t you find it weird exposing your sister like that? – Nah! I chose her body when I casted the spell with her hair as the key. You have to admit she’s a hot one. Look at these tits and this soft skin and Oh! her pussy really likes to be touched. – …

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Biggest on the block

Boy, these babies are even bigger from this angle. With the Medallion of Zulo and Emily’s panties I can change into a copy of the busties girl on the block. Fuck me, she’s hot! It’s easy to see how Emily gets a kick out of teasing guys out on the town. I’ve never felt such …

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Teachers suit

Being an old school teacher, I became bored with an unexcited life. I managed to get my hand on an old model costume gun. One late evening, after posting a set of final grades, Kiara, one of my students comes in to persuade me to change her grade. It was late, the halls were empty, …

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Virgin trap

Peter was a desperate virgin. At the end of his sexual frustration he gathered up what little money he could and got himself a hooker. He paid her everything to get the full feeling of shooting his load inside a vagina. Upon reaching climax he looked down and instead of exploding his cum, his perspective …

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Lab drop

I knew I was a genius for creating this morphing machine. But not only did it change my physical form, it also affected my mind, dropping my intelligence next to nothing. Now, as my assistant was scrambling trough my notes, I was annoyingly teasing him to cum on my face.

Will of cum

My roommate Tom, must have a will of stone. After I stole his female bodysuit, while he was visiting his parents for the weekend, I transformed into a woman and read the warning “Coming into contact with semen makes the suit permanent!” One lesbian hookup later came with a thresome and within hours of my …

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