January 2022

Man substance

Got to get as much as you can of that man juice into your body. It’s gonna identify the testosterone so it can change your body back into that of a man. Don’t waste it!

Life for a life

I was on my way home, crossing the street, when a car ran over me. I was kaying on the street, bleeding, hearing the sirens getting closer, seeing people gathering to see the incident, anouncing the police on the phone that the car left the scene. An old woman got down next to me, saying …

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A favour

Come on, man! I’m doing this as a favour to you. I have only a few hours left of possession over my sister’s body. Go on! Get a piece of that. Continued in What a favour

Magic penis

Dude! What do you mean you got a magic penis? Darius was sceptical of magical nonsense. I tried it once, in the girl’s bathroom. I whipped out my cock and the girl that was in there immediately grew hungry for it. It was amazing! Free blowjob. This discussion took place as Darius was walking in …

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Libido magic

My girlfriend was a witch. After some months together, seeing she is a little kinky, started joking about the idea of a threesome. It grew to a daily joke of insisting she charm a girl so we could have some 3 way fun. One night, out clubbing, I started making moves on a girl hinting …

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Horny ghost 2

Read Horny ghost 1 HERE. The ghost in the old house possessed my body, but wanted more. I could feel my body moving, each part clenching up. My muscles are all contracting. Although my erection if finally fading away. It’s relaxing way too much. I fell on my knees and I feel my hand grabbing …

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The intern

All the interns in Lex’s firm knew who was the boss and the boss got what he wanted, being that it was on demand hookup sex with lots of the interns “or else”. Because a bad recommendation from here could mean career change. One day, as Lex was pumping one of his “usuals” the Great …

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