Magic typewriter

My name is Georgiana and I have this magic item: It’s an old typewriter that I found in my grandmother’s attic. What’s magic about it, you ask? Anything I write happens. I can alter reality.

It was weird finding out of it’s powers: Writing about a time of day and the weather and seeing change out the window. What’s strange is that everyone except me is oblivious to the changes, they all live like what I write is normal. I’m the only one who remembers the changes I made to the world.

So I decided to make my life less boring. You see before, I was Jon, a boring midlife man working as a salesman. But now, Georgiana is not boring, not at all. Actually let’s write “Georgiana suddenly became aroused. Every flick of the key on the typewriter felt as a penetration between her legs” That’s the spirit. Now the inspiration is flowing. “Suddenly, a muscular man, that would force himself on her, entered the room. She would find it so hot that she would end up squirting for the first time”.

Oh! I want to be ready for this.

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